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Kevin Berlin continues his focus on important contemporary social issues through narrative painting. Themes such as vulnerability, desire, and hidden thoughts are portrayed in a palette of mostly black and white with touches of vibrant color. All works are painted from life and inspired by

personal experience, often involving extensive research and preliminary sketches.


For over 15 years, Berlin has been painting the secret life of ballerinas. The Artist has worked with some of the most famous dancers and theaters in the world. His large scale paintings and bronze sculpture capture the hidden motivations of classical dancers.

Social Scenes

Berlin’s mostly black and white cocktail party paintings explore the hidden world of “what people are thinking but are afraid to say.” The paintings are inspired by an ongoing series of personal interviews.

pressP19_8438 copia_edited.jpg

Works on Paper

Berlin's works on paper follow the Renaissance tradition of drawing from life as the basis for expression and the development of ideas. Whether a tomato, banana peel, nude, or Nutella, these works have a spontaneity and directness that can’t be achieved any other way.


With this exhibition, the artist realized a lifelong dream to create works in the city of Berlin. Berlin explores the relationship between graffiti on the famous Berlin Wall and similar movement and chaos found on the street. The presentation includes works on paper, oil paintings and photography.


Berlin's desire to protect and explore the mysteries of the natural world is the inspiration for these works. The tiger paintings are part of a long term project to help save the tigers from extinction.

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