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Kevin Berlin, Installation, “45 Years Of Nudes, Retrospective”, Wilzig Museum Building, Miami, Florida, 2023. Photo Wilzig Erotic Art Museum.

“I grew up in a collector’s family surrounded by outstanding paintings...I learned early that drawing and painting is the base of everything. Kevin Berlin is without a doubt a painter by soul. His open, sensible view allows us to see the truth behind the perfect painted facade. His paintings are positive, full of beauty and love, and they go deep into the human psyche.”

- Helmut Schuster, Director, Wilzig Erotic Art Museum


Kevin Berlin continues his focus on important contemporary social issues through narrative painting. Themes such as desire, temptation and hidden thoughts are portrayed in a palette of mostly black and white with touches of vibrant color. All works are painted from life. 


For over 20 years, Berlin has been painting the secret life of ballerinas. The Artist has worked with some of the most famous dancers and theaters in the world. His large scale paintings and bronze sculpture capture the hidden motivations of classical dancers.

Party Paintings

Berlin’s mostly black and white cocktail party paintings explore the hidden world of “what people are thinking but are afraid to say.” For the Artist, parties are like Shakespeare theatre. People go through the full range of human emotion. They laugh, they cry, they fall in love.

pressP19_8438 copia_edited.jpg

Still Life and Landscape

Berlin's works on paper follow the Renaissance tradition of drawing and painting from life as the basis for expression and the development of ideas. Whether tomato, banana peel, Nutella, or Capri seascape, the artist captures the fleeting moments which can only be observed in 'plein air'.

P19_9768 copy.jpg


Kevin Berlin’s nudes explore a lifetime interest in the human form as a basis for inspiration. For over 45 years the Artist revisits the classical nude with a spontaneity and directness that can’t be achieved any other way. These intimate studies serve as a reference for paintings and bronze sculpture. 

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