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"I wanted to paint a portrait of the city. You shouldn’t need to have a PhD to look at a painting. I hope to communicate with everyone regardless of their age or cultural or intellectual background.  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." - Kevin Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie # 1

Kevin Berlin, “Checkpoint Charlie # 1,” gouache on handcut paper, 13 x 10 in.,(32.5 x 25 cm.), 2017.

Old Number 7

Kevin Berlin, “Old Number 7,” gouache on handcut paper, 11 x 8 in.,(28 x 20 cm.), 2017.

Stumbling Stones (Stolpersteine)

 Kevin Berlin, “Stumbling Stones (Stolpersteine),” gouache on handcut paper, 8 x 6.5 in.,(21 x 17 cm.), 2017.    


Kevin Berlin, “Potsdamerplatz,” gouache on handcut paper, 11 x 8 in.,(28.5 x 20.5cm.), 2017.  

Dein Nutella

Kevin Berlin, “Dein Nutella,” 11 x 16 in.,(28.5 x 40.5cm.), gouache on handcut paper, 2017.

The World’s Favorite Fruit # 1

Kevin Berlin, “The World’s Favorite Fruit # 1 (Die beliebteste Frucht der Welt),” 11 x 8 in.,(28.5 x 20.5cm.), gouache on handcut paper, 2017.

Berlin Wall #2 (Berlin)

Kevin Berlin, “Berlin Wall #2 (Berlin) ,” oil on canvas, 71 x 47 in.,(180 x 120.5 cm.), 2017.    

Berlin Wall #3 (Bad Boy Bart)

Kevin Berlin, “Berlin Wall #3 (Bad Boy Bart) ,” oil on canvas, 61 x 77 in.,(155 x 195 cm.), 2017.  

Berlin in Berlin Installation

BERLIN IN BERLIN, Installation, Livingstone gallery, 2017.

Berlin in Berlin in Studio

BERLIN IN BERLIN, Collected Reference Materials, Berlin, Germany, 2017.

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