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Kevin Berlin / "Art Basel Miami Beach Redux" new article Social Life Magazine pp 42-44

“Art Basel Miami Beach Redux" By Kevin Berlin. Featured in Social Life Magazine's special Palm Beach issue. Available in print throughout Palm Beach and online. Spring 2022.

Social Life Magazine is the premiere luxury publication for the Hamptons.

Excerpts from the article:

"Art Basel Miami Beach continued to earn its reputation with a focus on quality; representing the very best in galleries, artists, both groundbreaking new works and a selection of works from the Secondary Market. On view, everything from Picasso to artists you have definitely never heard of yet. And yes, attendees were impossibly well dressed…" "So what’s new? It’s hard to know where to start. NFTs! This little understood art form has gone mainstream, becoming more than just the darling of cryptocurrency kings. Scope Miami featured artist, NYCHOS, who’s 20ft mural Dissection of Grogu (Baby Yoda) greeted viewers at the entrance, and his ubiquitous digital creation Barbie Meltdown at Mirus Gallery was one of the most talked about works at the fairs. At Scope you may have noticed, chatting among the VIP guests, bitcoin billionaire and presidential candidate, Brock Pierce and his wife Crystal Rose Pierce, one of Forbes Top 10 Women in Blockchain…"


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