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Top Hats in the Hamptons | The Independent

Artists and patrons have always flocked to The Hamptons for its serene and unique beauty. This week's exhibit at Art Southampton was proof of that. Attracting crowds from all walks of life, the exhibition allows The Hamptons' finest to show their work in a medley of culture and creativity.

One artist stands out among them. Kevin Berlin describes the show from his booth as, "the perfect place to mix business with pleasure," with model and friend, Lucy M. Miller, saying, "It's like nothing I've ever seen, just really amazing."

An artist, sculptor, performance artist, and now fashion designer, Berlin took this year's show to debut his work as a fashion designer through a signature line of Top Hats. A 17-year veteran of The Hamptons art scene, Berlin decided to change his usual methods of self-expression and creativity to include high-end apparel intended to make an everyday statement.

In the world wide debut of his line, Kevin Berlin New York, which is not yet available for purchase, the spirit of fun and new experiences on the East End was captured by his interactive display where patrons were invited to try on the hats, which come in three heights.

The jump to design was inspired by wanting to make the bridge between the two lifestyles of artists on not only the East End, but in the world. "Artists are always struggling, whenever I see a fashion designer they are always drinking champagne on a yacht," he said, keeping with the artist spirit of chasing dreams and experiencing all that life has to offer.

When asked of his inspiration and motives behind why he decided to create Kevin Berlin New York to design top hats, Berlin provided an answer that had been clearly at the forefront of his mind throughout his work, "The main idea is that anyone can wear a top hat every day. Top hats are for men and women, and like the idea of New York, we all come from everywhere. We all want a chance to be ourselves with our own style and enjoy life."

In a region that relishes the expression of self that attracts a medley of unique and bold individuals, Kevin Berlin's life and love for the East End stands out in not only his style and creations, but in his personality.

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