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Tiger Training For Beginners | World Tour - London, Miami, New York

KEVIN BERLIN's solo exhibition TIGER TRAINING FOR BEGINNERS features more than 100 new paintings. Inspired by the artist’s experiences working with tiger and lion trainers at the Ukrainian National Circus, the themes also explore contemporary life such as tigers at a cocktail party, tigers in your house, and the type of tigers that inhabit the deep interior of the mind. In addition to major larger than life canvases painted in Kiev, the exhibition is highlighted with a live art performance on May 17, the evening of the private view. Works include Into The Cage, Tiger Snack #2, Хода Hет! Хищники (Danger: Carnivores), Lion King, Tiger in the House, The Striped Dress, Monkey Trainer and an installation entitled Nudo e Crudo (Raw And Naked) “This exhibit may be the last time you ever see a tiger if we don’t take action!” - Kevin Berlin. “There are only 3200 tigers left alive in the wild. I hope these paintings encourage viewers to take action and get involved in a world-wide movement to protect the global population of tigers, which continues to decline.” - Kevin Berlin. TIGER TRAINING FOR BEGINNERS is the Kevin Berlin’s first major show in London following recent exhibitions in New York, Miami, Chicago and Shanghai. Kevin Berlin, a Yale University alumnus, also studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and University College London with special course work through the Department of Zoology at the British Museum and Regents Park Zoo.

London: May 17 – June 14, 2012

New York: July 12 - 15, 2012 |

Miami: December 4 - 9, 2012 |

ArtHamptons July 13- 15, 2012 at Nova’s Ark Sculpture Field in Bridgehampton features $200 million worth of art: 3000 post-war and contemporary works from 80 galleries from 10 countries.

Tongues and tails were wagging over artist and showman Kevin Berlin’s “Tiger Training For Beginners” where art, the cause of tiger conservation in the wild, and four gorgeous naked girls painted with stripes meet. The tigers, Jenni from Texas, Tessa from Sag Harbor, and Ksenia and Alina from Siberia said it’s the artists job to raise important issues, and they are literally putting their bodies on the line. (

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