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Double Happiness | Mark Miller Gallery

New York, New York - September 1, 2010 - The Mark Miller Gallery, brings Shanghai exhibition to NYC's most vibrant new art scene: the Lower East Side. The entire celebrated solo exhibition DOUBLE HAPPINESS by internationally renowned artist Kevin Berlin has travelled over 7,000 miles for its American debut. As featured in Shanghai Daily, ArtZine China, and Smart Shanghai, Kevin Berlin's DOUBLE HAPPINESS is building up to be one of the most talked about art openings of the year. The show opens October 27, 2010 at the Mark Miller Gallery located at 92 Orchard Street in the heart of the historic Lower East Side,NYC and runs through November 15, 2010. Straight from exhibition on famous Moganshan Lu in Shanghai, China, DOUBLE HAPPINESS explores the search for happiness in the dynamic east-meets-west city of Shanghai. Through compelling large-scale oil paintings, Berlin unveils his discoveries about the search for happiness he found on the streets of Shanghai. DOUBLE HAPPINESS features 60 of Berlin's most recent works, divided into three groups - "Steamed Buns and Double Happiness," "Cigarettes and Cash" and counterfeit "Bags." Each painting tells its own story. Kevin Berlin commented on the show's arrival in America explaining, "Shanghai and New York have a lot in common: We all want the same things -- love, cash, sex, status, something satisfying to eat, a friend, to live in a beautiful place, to be a part of the future." "Every figure in my paintings has a secret. I not only draw what people see, but also the hidden parts," says Berlin. "My job as an artist is really just as a witness, to simply say - this is what I saw." DOUBLE HAPPINESS will also mark the premier re-opening of the Mark Miller Gallery, which has recently been transformed, through a significant expansion on Orchard Street. The gallery was established in 1998 and is dedicated to showcasing emerging and established contemporary artists."Beyond the captivating beauty of his paintings, I believe the important socio-political messages his works represent will be of great interest to viewers in New York City," explained gallery owner Mark Miller. To learn more about the show or to arrange a viewing with the artist please contact Christina Daigneault at 917-207-4686 or visit The Mark Miller Gallery is located at 92 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002. You can reach the gallery directly at 212-253-9479 or About the Artist: Internationally renowned artist Kevin Berlin's works are found in the collections of Kim Basinger, Luciano Pavarotti, Buzz Aldrin, Henry Buhl, David Letterman, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Quincy Jones, General Motors Corp. and Carnival Cruise Lines. Berlin, a Yale Alumnus, has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Miami Herald, USA Today, CBS Sunday Morning, MTV, Tokyo Television, and BBC Radio. Berlin was honored by President Reagan at The White House as a YoungArts Presidential Scholar in 1983.

Media Contact:

Christina Daigneault – Orchard Strategies


最新消息 联系人:

Christina Daigneault 小姐--兰花策划

电话:917-207-4686 最新消息 联系人: Christina Daigneault 小姐--兰花策划 电话:917-207-4686 国际著名艺术家Kevin Berlin揭晓 “红双喜”在美国纽约曼哈顿马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)的首次展映 东西交融 在十月二十七号,位于美国纽约曼哈顿马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)将会把中国上海带到曼哈顿的东下城。 纽约,纽约--2010年9月1号--马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)把中国上海展览带到曼哈顿最活跃的新兴艺术区,东下城。这次著名的艺术独家展出“红双喜”是由国际著名艺术家Kevin Berlin先生创作。Kevin Berlin先生为了这次在美国的首次画展曾经长途跋涉七千英里。正如上海日报,中国艺术,Smart Shanghai所报道,Kevin Berlin先生的“红双喜”首次画展正成为今年最引人注目的首次画展。该画展会在2010年10月27日到2010年11月15日在马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)展出。马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)位于纽约曼哈顿历史文化中心的东下城,兰花街92号(92 Orchard Street)。 继在中国上海著名的莫干山路展出,“红双喜”追溯在变化万千的东西融合的上海人们怎么样寻找欢乐。通过大型的油画,Berlin先生向我们展示了在上海街边的普通老百姓怎么样寻找欢乐。“红双喜”在美国的首次画展共有60幅油画,分为三个群组--“蒸包子和红双喜”,“烟和现金”以及仿照的“皮包”。每一幅油画都讲述了一个故事。 Kevin Berlin先生是这样描述这次的画展的:“纽约和上海有很多相似的地方。我们都想要同样的东西--爱,现金,性,地位,好吃的,好住的,朋友,以及成为未来的一个部分”。“我的油画中每一个人物都有自己的秘密。我不仅仅画大家所看到的,我还画大家所不能看到的”,Berlin先生说,“作为一个艺术家,我的任务是作为一个见证人。简单的说,这是我所看到的。” “红双喜”将会是马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)重新向大家开放后的第一次画展。马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)于1998年建立,致力于向大家介绍艺术新秀和著名艺术家。近年来,马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)在兰花街扩展,并进行了大规模的翻修。马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)的创始人,马克米雷先生(Mark Miller)说“在欣赏每一幅油画的艺术之美的同时,我认为Berlin先生艺术作品中所呈现的社会内涵将会引起曼哈顿艺术欣赏者的极大兴趣。” 如需更多关于该画展或安排和画家共同欣赏画家的艺术作品,请致电Christina Daigneault小姐@917-207-4686或您可点击。马克米雷艺术画廊(Mark Miller Gallery)位于纽约曼哈顿兰花街92号,邮编10002. 您可直接致电马克米雷艺术画廊@212-253-9479,或电子邮件到。 关于艺术家:国际著名的艺术家Kevin Berlin的艺术作品曾经在被收集到 Kim Basinger, Luciano Pavarotti, Buzz Aldrin, Henry Buhl, David Letterman, 美国前总统克林顿夫妇, Quincy Jones 以及通用汽车的艺术集锦中。Berlin先生毕业于美国耶鲁大学,曾经多次在纽约时报,The Miami Herald, USA Today, CBS Sunday Morning, MTV, Tokyo Television, 以及BBC 电台中多次出现。Berlin先生曾在1983年在美国白宫被美国前总统里根总统授予“年轻艺术总统学者”称号。他的网络地址是。 马克米雷艺术画廊的网络地址是。

Photo Credit: Katarzyna Zill

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