"I often interview people to find ideas for

new paintings. I ask a specific question; 'What would you never do, but in

secret you would like to try?'"

-Kevin Berlin

View Oil on Canvas

Berlin’s mostly black and white paintings explore the hidden world of “what people are thinking but are afraid to say.” The paintings are inspired by an ongoing series of personal interviews. Themes include classical ballet, cocktail parties, cash and cigarettes.

View Oversize Paintings

These selected works reflect the artist's longtime interest in painting on a monumental scale. All works are oil on canvas and are intended for large scale interior public and private spaces. The works have the common theme of human desire and temptation.


View Still Life

Berlin's works on paper follow the Renaissance tradition of drawing from life as the basis for expression and the development of ideas. Whether a tomato, banana peel, nude, or Nutella, these works have a spontaneity and directness that can’t be achieved any other way.


Quarantine Nudes

Painted from life during the 2020 pandemic, Berlin invites the viewer to reimagine a new world where even the classical nude may be affected by social distancing. The Artist wishes strength and healing during this challenging period. Stay safe!