Mighty Dollar (Small)

Kevin Berlin, “Mighty Dollar (Small),” oil on canvas, 48 x 60 in (122 x 153 cm), 2011  

Fuck You (Camel Blue, small)

Kevin Berlin, “Fuck You (Camel Blue, small),” oil on canvas, 15 x 19 in (38 x 48 cm), 2014

Nutella 640g

Kevin Berlin, “Nutella 640g,” oil on canvas, 76.5 x 61 in in (194 x 154 cm) 2015.  

Fuck You (Marlboro Red, Soft Pack)

Kevin Berlin, “Fuck You (Marlboro Red, Soft Pack),” oil on canvas, 48 x 60 in (122 x 153 cm) 2010  

Double Happiness 

Double Happiness, Mark Miller Gallery, New York City, photo Katarzyna Zill, 2010.


"MISS FOREIGN EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL 2011" beauty pageant, Scope Miami, photo Katarzyna Zill, 2011.

The Crumpled Dollar (Large)

Kevin Berlin, “The Crumpled Dollar (Large),” oil on canvas, 48 x 60 in (122 x 153 cm), 2010  

"Shanghai and New York have a lot in common: We all want the same things -- love, cash, sex, status, something satisfying to eat, a friend, to live in a beautiful place, to be a part of the future." "Every figure in my paintings has a secret. I not only draw what people see, but also the hidden parts," says Berlin. "My job as an artist is really just as a witness, to simply say - this is what I saw." - Kevin Berlin on Double Happiness .

Camel FU

Kevin Berlin, "Camel FU", oil on canvas, 40 x 60 in, 2012

My First Million

Kevin Berlin, "My First Million (red star)," oil on canvas, 11 x 15 in, 2011  

Cash Is King

Kevin Berlin, "Cash Is King (5,000 yen)", oil on canvas, 11 x 15 in, 2011


Kevin Berlin, "Vaffanculo", oil on canvas, 40 x 60 in., 2012

Double Happiness

Kevin Berlin, DOUBLE HAPPINESS #4(双喜#4), 2009, oil on canvas (油画), 155x205cm 

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